Memorial Home

Milton Murrill, born May 7th, 1924,
passed to be with God January 24th, 2012.

Milton Murrill memorial Saturday, February 18th, 2012
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm – click here for more details
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  1. Nick-Crane says:

    I guess my first and fondest memories of Milton was the time my friend dragged me to a meeting in Lake Elsinore in 89 or 90 to listen to a speaker and Milt closed out the meeting with song. It was Milts version of the Lords Prayer. At times I did not understand Crazy Gene though I do thank him for many of the things he did. Milt say hi to all of our friends at that big meeting.

  2. Chris says:

    I met Milton and Ruby only a few times, and it was many years ago. I had not heard of his passing. I have been going through my own difficult times, but his warmth and smile and the few soft and encouraging words he spoke to me so many years ago stuck with me, and that’s how I ended up finding this website. Months ago I was clearing through some old pictures, getting ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. Listening to Jazz Music and I came across pictures of Donna and the Murrill children. It put a smile on my face, as I wiped away my tears. Those tears have returned to me now, finding out very much by accident of his passing. To Ruby and the rest of the family, please know that it is very much in part my memories of you and Milton that have helped me get through these times and keep a smile on my face and not let my experiences drag me into despair. My thoughts are with you all, you touched my life.

    I thank you for that, and for all the wonderful music.

  3. Steve H. says:

    In asked him in ’85 to be my sponsor. He said, “I’ll be your friend.”

    Milton made being a friend look like the easiest, most enjoyable, most rewarding job in the world. He taught me who I really was. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the debt I owe the Fellowship for saving me, and about the remarkable role that Milton played in my life.

    Time for all the rest of us to step up. He was one of the great ones.

    I love you, Milton…

  4. Dan MacLennan says:

    I really regret not getting closer to Milton…. Both of us having a love and passion for The Fellowship and also music… But I am greatfull to have at least been able to share with him a few times at meetings and round ups. Particularly after I moved away from the Lower Mainland 12 years ago to Hedley…. Also, I treasure a CD of Milton speaking at a round up that I listen to fairly often, when on the highway to Penticton…. So, I can still enjoy his humor, simplicity and directness with the program, his honesty and integrity that comes out in his talk…A man that I will always remember with admiration and respect…..

    Ruby my prayers and best wishes for you and your family..I really wish that I could convey more than words of condolences..But that is all I can offer with all sincerity…

  5. carol jennings says:

    Milton was a true gift from God.
    we met him 15 or so years ago, when our daughter was needing support.
    Milton and Ruby took her into their circle as one of their own, loved her and accepted her. I will always be grateful for Milton and Ruby’s kindness and generosity of heart.
    Thank you to Milton and Ruby,

  6. carolyn seymour says:

    Dear dear Milton,
    What an amazing man! I watched him work miracles with his love and humour! I met him very early on in my California life, I have never forgotten him. He affected so many, we were lucky to have known him. My deepest condolences to Ruby and her family, Carolyn.

  7. Tommy Ku says:

    RIP uncle Mil.

    Miss Always,


  8. Victoria B says:

    Milton, thank you for always being that warm smile at Participation when I first got sober. Thank you for your words of wisdom always. For making me always feel like i was home. But most of all Milton, thank you for helping Earl and showing him the way back home when he got lost. Ruby, thank you for helping my cousin Kristina open the door for Earl after his journey. You both saved a piece of my family with all your love and i am forever grateful.
    Milton may you soar above in the skies of heaven and sing with all the other Angels. Rest in peace.

  9. says:

    My Uncle Milton was there for me when I needed
    him, like he was there for so many other people.
    What he gave me I can never repay but he never
    expected anything in return. He had a profound
    influence on my life. I don’t know where I’d be without
    his widom or guidance. He was more than an Uncle he
    was a friend and confidant.
    I miss you. I love you.

  10. Phaedra says:

    He lives within us.. as does the quality of love that surrounded him and continues to surround him.
    I am very grateful to Milton and Milton’s family and friends…
    When such love is fostered among us we are never alone…
    I believe that inspired lives are a reflection of the hope faith and the love of those that embrace humility and choose to be of service.
    Thank you for your individual acts of love and service.
    I am also grateful to you ..Milton’s family and friends for supporting such service and for sharing your Dad, Partner, and loved one Milton with us all these years.
    Thank you all for inspiring such a love within me so I may hopefully be of service to others.
    Bless you all

  11. I Will Always Treasure The Memory Of My Conversation With Milton at “Alive On The Drive” We Shared Our Stories, We Laughed, We Cried, And Milton Let Me In To His Beautiful Big Loving Open Heart…Milton, Thank You ….

  12. Bob Smith says:

    I am so grateful to have had Milton in my life. I met him early in my sobriety at a convention and we connected right away. He became my sponcer, although he didn’t want to be called sponcer. He wanted to be the best friend I ever had and he was that. he taught me so much. He taught me especially that it was okay to be me. My whole life started to change because of him. We also had so much fun. I will never forget him and will always love him. Bob Smith

  13. Gail Lucas says:

    Dear Ruby and Family,
    I can never express my full gratitude for the lessons I’ve learned from you and Milton throughout the years. Milton was always around with an open heart when I visited you every week. He was truly a gracious man to be around. I thank you Ruby for letting me share this precious time with you both. I will certainly miss him, but his spirit will always be an inspiration. My sincerest thoughts are with you, Ruby, and all your family.
    Love, Gail

  14. Dear Ruby.

    We have only occasional internet so I am very slow in getting this to you. So sorry. Here’s my version of Milton’s song. I heard the song playing in Europe when I was walking down the street just a few days after I heard that Milton was gone! I’m not sure how to post it but Gabe will know.

    I’m so sorry I won’t be back home for the memorial. You will feel so much love from everyone. You are so beloved and I hope you know how much richer our lives are because of you.

    Huge hugs and love to you.
    Diane and Sam

    (The song you are hearing now is Diane Lines singing one of Milton’s songs – 60 Minute Man.)

  15. we loved ruby and milton from the moment we met them. they invited us into their
    family where we shared laughter and tears and lots of ice cream.
    Milton’s wisdom, humility, compassion and humor lives on in all of us
    who were blessed to have known him.
    Thanks for everything Milt. Rest in Peace. We will all love you forever.

  16. Kim Krehbiel says:

    God bless you Milton &Ruby &Family .My prayers are with you all.It was my pleasure to be a member of Milton’s home group (Participation ).I always loved to hear Milton’s message ,and be with him and his family to celebrate his cakes .His famous “DO NOT LISTEN TO YOU ” LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE is firmly planted in my mind .Sometimes we really don’t care how much someone knows ,we just need to know that they care .Milton had a big heart and amazing understanding of people and situations,and always cared .God Bless you Milton …you will be missed .

  17. Dana Koo and Family says:

    Though we did not Milton so much, til the last couple of years, I have always heard nice things about him and his family. I am thankful to him for gracing my cousin Ruby’s life…there were the cutest couple! I enjoyed the quality conversations, allowing him to recall some of his fondest memories. One that he enjoyed sharing with me, was, “The day Ruby walked into the club where me and the band were playing… I told them to back off, she’s mine” and similar comments, such as, “How he was the lucky one to have her in his life”.
    It was our pleasure, to visit him in the hospitals, sharing a story, sharing a song. Milton’s remark, when I said, ‘Hey, you don’t look your age at all”. He would say, “Black don’t crack’! Yes…he was a original, special kind of a guy.
    Oh yes, his voice, what a talent! I can just see him in Heaven, playing it up, belting out one great song after another, that powerful, beautiful voice, singing with the best musicians. Where else would a man with a gigantic, unselfish heart be?

  18. Martin says:

    Thanks for being my friend, I was privileged to have met you, I have often thought about our journey, and how we met, how does a guy born in Africa, lived in Goa, meet up with a guy born in the U.S.A, through a fellow from the Philippines. Who that wrote that script? I wonder? Certainly not me.
    I will always remember you, and the little gems you gave along this journey.
    Things like
    “They don’t make black and white whiskey it all gets you drunk”
    Or in San Diego when you opened up the meeting
    My name is Milton Murrill and I’m a grateful full alcoholic, then there was that little laugh, and a pause, if want you want to know what I am doing I am praying, God if you ain’t here, we are screwed.
    Another chuckle and you said when I got this letter to share at this meeting and read the title you said I want to hear what I got to say about this, the topic was the black experience in AA,
    You then followed with I sobered up in the Los Angles, California area, I want all my friends from California that I sobered up with, and that know me to stand up, for the last 7 or 8 years I moved to Vancouver, Canada, I would like my Canadian friends to stand up. Now that has been my experience in AA not one of Black and white.
    There is a lot more Milt, I will keep on posting and sharing what you have passed on to me so generously through word of mouth, with the guys I share my recovery with, in meetings, and all over.

    Another one when I went back to school, was one drink anytime in between and you would have missed it all.

    Love you Milton and always will

  19. Don Yargeau says:

    Well he’s proven it, these bodies of ours are all on lone from out gods, Milton’s spirit however will always be with the lucky ones he touched ! God bless and thank you for sharing the time we had my friend ! Walk well on your next journey , until next meet your friend always, Don Y.

  20. tracey jong says:

    Uncle Milton undoubtedly raised the charisma quotient whenever he walked into a room. He was a man who loved to love, was full of love, and was so contented by the love that surrounded him.

    My heartfelt condolences to Auntie Ruby, Rosanne, and Chrissy. May you always smile when you think of him.

    …tracey jong
    Pasadena CA

  21. Ronnie says:

    I have been grateful to have Milton in my life since the early 60’s, He helped take care of our mother and father , and will be with them now! I could not have a better brother-in-law than Milton. I love you and will miss you!


  22. says:

    Milton you have gone to the big meeting in the sky, and of course to sing in God’s choir. The first time ever I heard the Lord’s Prayer sung was by Milton and it left me speech less and tears streaming down my face. May God bless and keep you. Ruby what an amazing man you had in your life.

  23. Roderick Mackin says:

    Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on Milton’s passing from among us.

    Early in my sobriety, nearly twenty years ago at a roundup, I was feeling unsure and alone. Before the speaker was introduced Milton came to the microphone. He was to offer the opening benediction.

    I heard the first words and literally, the hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. A rich, sonorous voice was singing, ” Our Father, Who art in heaven……”

    The powerful energy of Milton’s voice seemed to reach down inside me as he went low, “hal-low-ed be Thy name.”

    Amazingly, he was singing a cappella which means in the manner of the chapel, without accompaniment. Every note was perfectly formed and dead centre in tune.

    “Thy will been done, on earth, as it is in heaven,” he continued. The auditorium was so still you could hear folks breathing. Here and there tears formed in the corners of eyes all over the room.

    As he sang so magnificently, I realized that Milton wasn’t just singing, he was praying earnestly on behalf of all of us fortunate enough to be there.

    “for Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,”

    I was transported somewhere beyond myself, and when he concluded by holding the Amen for a least 12 beats, I felt the deep silence wash over me and the presence of a Higher Power there among us.

    My mood was changed. I felt like I was home, at last.

    I have heard that familiar prayer and that melody hundreds of times since that night back in 1993. But never have I felt closer to God.

    Milton, you will always be gratefully remembered in my prayers.


    Rod. M.

  24. Les Soltys says:

    God Bless Milton & Ruby & Family and all their Friends. My most heart felt condolences and prayers are with you all. What a wonderful pair of Angels to all those that came into contact with them and needed help.

    One of my most favorite experiences with Milton was when he first started coming to Participation and after the meeting he was mopping the floor. I walked over to him and said “Milton let me do that for you” and Milton said” I know how to mop a floor and don’t need your help, so bugger off and let me finish my job” We became instant friends and remain that way.

    My favorite Milton quote is ” DON’T LISTEN TO YOURSELF, LISTEN TO EVERYONE BUT YOU” He had a thousand of them and knew how to deliver them. Now he’s delivering them at the big meeting in the sky.

    I am full of Gratitude to have met Milton and Ruby and their family. Thank you for all you have done and do for all of us.

    With Love Les

  25. Butch and Lee Macri says:

    Dear Ruby
    Every since you and Milt came to Vancovuer, you have both been such a shining example of what it is like to live in the sunshine of the spirit.
    Butch and Lee Macri
    Cabo San Lucas/Mexico

  26. Gerry says:

    My heart is heavy for you and the Girls. i know what a great man he was. He made me laugh everytime I saw him. From being a young”Knucklehead” with Chris to the happy productive adult i am today it has and always will be my pleasure to know all of you. If I can make this easier for any of you, you need only ask.

    with an enormous amount of love,
    Gerry C
    Santa Barbara, CA

  27. Johann H. says:

    I remember the first time I met Milton about 8 years ago. He was sitting next to me at a small mens meeting in Vancouver and I was about one year sober. I was new to Vancouver and I was an emotional wreck. Deeply depressed and suicidal. I had spent that year in California going to tons of meetings but I had no program. No sponsor. I was profoundly insecure and my solution to my low self esteem was to “act” as though I was the poster child for AA! A persona that I had perfected to mask my shame and elicit admiration.
    When it was my turn to share I declared to everyone how happy and spiritual and wonderful I was ever since I had found the program. I tried to outdo other peoples positive shares in the meeting by plagiarizing impressive shares I had heard while I was in Los Angeles. I remember the satisfaction I felt when the guys in the meeting laughed at “my” jokes and were seemingly awestruck by the depth of “my” spiritual insight. My need to be admired outweighed my desperate need for help. After a year in the rooms I was still incapable of admitting I needed help.
    When the meeting was over Milton turned to me and asked if he could have a word with me.
    “You’re from LA aren’t you?” he asked.
    “Yes… How did you know?” I replied.
    “You know Scott don’t you? Scott R.?”
    “Yes!” I said. “He’s from my men’s group in the Valley! You know Scott?”.
    “Who do you think taught him all those lines?” Milton asked.
    I probably turned red from the embarrassment at having been busted stealing Scott’s brilliant lines. I was frantically searching my mind for an excuse when Milton put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me with those loving eyes and very gently said, “I know you’re hurting man.”
    I burst into tears, “I am. I am. I’m hurting so bad” I replied.
    Milton hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I just want to walk with you man. Can I do that? Can you let me walk with you?”
    “Yes… Yes…”.
    “I love you man.” he said.
    The miracle of one human being offering love and kindness to another. For free. For nothing in return.
    I don’t think I realized it at the time but in retrospect I have come to believe that it was at that moment that I first experienced what some people choose to call God. Authentic love from a stranger when I needed it most.
    Thank you Milton and Ruby for walking with me. Thank you for sharing God’s love with me.
    Milton, I will honor your example by doing my best to pass that love on.

  28. Mike St J S says:

    Milton always used to end our conversations with “I love you, babe.” I always thought it said so much about the kind of man he was. So much love, for so many people. I love you, babe.

  29. Betty Turner (CLAY) says:

    HI Ruby..

    I am so sorry to hear of Milton’s passing. I will always be so grateful that both of you were in my life, when I was so needy.

    I remember trying to find you in the hotel lobby (downtown Vancouver) at a Round-up when you first arrived from California. A bus load of Orientals had just been dropped off for a ski trip to Whistler and I was looking for you. I thought I’d never find you and I’m so glad that I did.

    Remember the good times always. Perhaps if I ever get to Vancouver, I’ll surely give you a call.

    Love you always.


    Remember our camping trips ? You two were such a hoot !

  30. John Francis says:

    I was aware of your passing by a mutual friend. I did not know you, but can tell from the number that have written hear just how much impact you had on so many lives. A relatively recent change in my life left with this same gift. If I can touch just a fraction of those you have touched, my life will be well fulfilled. RIP Milton.


  31. Mindy Jong says:

    Uncle Milton was a devoted husband to Auntie Ruby, a loving father to his children and sons-in-law, an adored grandfather, a close and dear friend to his cousins, and an amazing and beloved uncle to his many nieces and nephews. We loved him deeply.

    Uncle Milton’s cheerfulness never abated. His constant pleasantry was the genuine effusion of good nature and good humour (the latter of which never failed to please and delight his family and friends, who were frequently the objects of his wit). He enjoyed the harmless pleasures of a full life and was never weary of it, nor did he ever think that it had been a life not worth living. He was a man of free thought and unselfish acts, and never dropped the smallest expression of impatience. Uncle Milton had many great amiable qualities and gave us much joy, most especially when he would entertain us with a song in his beautiful baritone voice.

    I have always considered Uncle Milton, both in his lifetime and since his departure, a virtuous man. I will always remember with loving affection his ways, looks, and his voice, and the gentleness of his nature.


  32. Don Pollock says:

    God bless you Milton.You and your wife are loved and respected by many and your legacy will live on through the people you have touched with your wisdom.It has truly been a privledge to know you.One day we will meet again in the great here after.

  33. Rebecca Meyer says:

    Dear dear Ruby, my deepest sympathy sweet lady and much love during this sad time. Even though I did have the honor of getting to know Milton well like so many others here on this wonderful memorial page to Milton, I spoke with him several times on the phone when calling for you and he was always interested in who I was and how I was doing and always willing to share “you” no matter what was going on. “A charming man and a sweet soul” are he first words to mind when thinking about Milton.

    You always spoke with such patient love and respect when speaking about your beloved Milton. I would think that if more relationships shared this precious caring and mutual respect our world would be a better and happier place. I know it was not all easy at all times Ruby dear but you took everything in stride and went above and beyond to make sure your partner was at home to the end and he knew he was loved and cared about in as much comfort as possible with his own around him in a warm, safe and familiar surroundings. Your his treasure and ours, I know he is looking down on you with much love, pride and contentment.
    I love you very much. Rebecca Meyer

  34. Corey and Anita Jong says:

    Uncle Milt, you taught us to live our lives with no regrets. And you certainly lived by your own words. You have grown a wonderful family, have plenty of friends who love you, and have left footprints in our memories. Uncle Milt, you will be missed. And I will always smile when I think of you! And that is what you had left behind for all of us.

    Corey, Anita, Ashton, and Taylor Jong

  35. Trevor Pugh-Evans says:

    my deepest condolences to Miltons family , he was loved by all and will be mist. R I P

  36. Duriel Chew says:

    Uncle Milt.

    Today we lost a great person, he was a hero & mentor to many, & touched so many lives in his time.
    Uncle Milt was someone I knew I could count on @ any given moment, someone I could call anytime, anywhere he would always be there for me.
    He will alway be there for me.
    He was my favorite Uncle, & he knew it I told him every chance I got.
    I’m so grateful to spend a good part of my life with him, he was a positive influence in my life, & the knowledge he shared with me is something I’ll keep close to my heart.
    What I’ll miss most is hearing his powerful voice, his wealth of knowledge,his gift of music, his contagious smile,his humorous laugh,his witty humor, & I’m sure some of you will attest to this,his fickle finger of fate.
    Today we lost a great man, & heaven gained a wonderful man.
    May your beautiful voice echo in heaven like it did here on earth.
    I love you Uncle Milt.
    See you when I get there.

  37. Monica Deneen Powell-Williams says:

    I thank God for knowing a grandfather such as mines! Even though he always lived a million miles away, he stayed close n my heart! Granddaddy was a loving unconditional non judgemental very handsome kind of man! He always spoke soft but stern! Encouraging me to be the best I can be in life! Grandaddy while my heart hurts my spirit rejoices you are with the Lord now so this is not goodbye its see ya later! I LOVE

  38. Bill D. says:

    Both Milton and Ruby shared so much of their pain with us, always with laughter, and always with a lesson to be learned. Now we share your pain, Ruby.

  39. Paul R says:

    Like many others , Milton came into my life very early on in my sobriety. It was one of those days when I really didn’t want to be at a meeting but needed to be there. It was the High Nooners at the North Shore Alano Club. Milton shared and for me it was one of those occaisions when suddenly we have an epiphany and what we are hearing just makes so much sense, you all know what I mean. It was one of those meetings that we are so glad we went to because we heard exactly what we needed to hear at the time and on that day God had sent me Milton as his messenger. I owe so much to everyone in my early days and Milton is one of those I will never forget and always be grateful to have met him and heard his message. My sincere condolences to Ruby and the rest of Milton’s Family RIP

  40. Clint Miller says:

    Dear Ruby, I was so saddened to hear that Milton had passed away. Milton was a wonderful man and a blessing to all who knew him–especially to all of us whose sobriety was so wonderfully impacted by his love, caring, humor, wisdom and example. I’m blessed and thankful to have known Milton (and you, Ruby!), and to have had the two of you (and your girls!) a regular part of my early sobriety. I’m not sure how many years ago you moved away, but you’re all still near and dear in my heart. I pray that God will comfort you Ruby, and Roseanne and Christy, and that He will wrap you all up in His love, and give you all the peace and the strength that you need to get through these times. God bless you all!

  41. Matthew Spearin says:

    I will never forget the Thursday nights with Milton and the boys !! We learned so many incredible life lessons underneath the constant laughter and the occasional tear or two. I still have the sticker for my mirror that says ” you are now looking at the problem” :)
    Milton … You will be truly missed and will always keep a part of you in my heart today!!
    Ruby … All my best to you and your family during this time!! Please don’t hesitate to call me should you need anything. 604-720-0045
    Matthew Spearin

  42. Jay Polowin says:

    I wish I had the words to convey the magnitude of the impact that Milton has had on my life, but most statements come up far too short. He was a father like figure, friend, sponsor, role model and human being. Thank you Milton for sharing your humanness with me. It has changed my life! I will carry you with me always.

  43. Dave Kelser says:

    Ruby, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I met Milt when I came into the program 35 years ago. We had dinner every Thursday before the Brentwood meeting for 13 years. We talked about this over the last few years about the fun we had driving over the hill before and after the meeting. It was people like Milton that gave so much that formed the foundation for the program I have today. I have the picture of Milt and I and one with Milt & Ruby and Lynne and myself that we took the last time you were in Orange County. He was smiling as usual, as I believe he is smiling at us now. He will be in my heart forever.

  44. Lorraine G says:

    What I remember most of you Milton was you constant encouragement, your wonderful smile, and how you were always so kind – a true gentleman with so much love for others. You will be missed. God Bless you and your family….and thank you.

  45. Carolyn B says:

    I imagine that heaven is a little brighter now…and has a lot more laughter in the air. Milton you were truly one in a million and like all who posted here my life is much richer for having known you!

    To Ruby and family: you are in my heart and in my prayers. I hope it is some comfort to know that Milton will live on in the many lives he has touched and that there are hundreds of people praying for you through this difficult time.

    Love Carolyn

  46. Chris Crawford says:

    Ruby….we know that you loved Milton so much as you are such a great example to everyone in 12 step programs to treat others as we want to be treated. I remember when Milt got an apron at SCAA Convention with the watermelon on the front in 1985…that meant he might have to eat some watermelon…We have such great and fond memories! I hope you got to talk to Ed Lynch as well.. Great guy…I know both him and his son and for some reason..I never connected the two ..duhh XXOO

  47. Ira Meltzer says:

    Ruby and family: My condolences to you and joy that Milton is with us all today. As my Sponsor when I began this journey 26+ years ago Milt gave me the direction and guidance as I took my first steps and learned, from him, to be willing to go to any length for the precious blessing of sobriety.Back now from Rancho Mirage to L.A and working with others at The Midnight Mission. After two decades away I would be honored to organize a Memorial Tribute to Milton with my fellows in the Southern Calif. Area, with your blessings. Thanks for being such an awesome family and role models. Ira

  48. John Ballen says:

    My deepest condolences on the passing of cousin Milton. My heartfelt sympathy for his family and friends.

  49. Administrator says:

    Dear Ruby and family:

    We were so sorry to hear of Milt’s passing. He’s at peace now and probably already forming a group and happily singing away. We’ll always remember the day these pictures were taken. Milt was so happy……he sang….. your Dad played the guitar…..both surrounded by friends and family. What a joyous and touching afternoon! We hope these pictures bring you solace and memories of better days during this very difficult time.

    ♥ Henry & Yvonne

  50. Lorna Fenenbock says:

    What a love he was. Always a smile and a caring thought or word for everyone who came his way. I am so blessed to have been graced by Mr. Milton Murrill whose love and wisdom helped me along my way at such a vulnerable time in my life. My heartfelt sympathies and love to Ruby, Milton’s sweetheart and unflagging support for all the years of their life together. But you know he’s up to music and mischief wherever he may be! Peace.

  51. Sean says:

    your spirit will live forever as your loving wisdom is passed on and on…I will miss you all the days of my life…thank you for you

  52. Diane Lines says:

    My dear dear Milton. I just got word, and the world is less bright today. What a gift you have been to my life and to all who knew you. I can hear you talking to me every time I work. “open your mouth and let God out” Thinking of you dear Ruby and the family. Love and gratitude, Diane

  53. Jean Stumpf says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a celebration Milton’s life. How blessed are the people he touched. Joey, Cathy, Ruby, my thoughts are with you as a watch the video and look at the photos. Sweet dreams Milton. xxoo

  54. …. Sorry, the post got away from me before it was finished…
    The world is a lesser place with his passing. Ruby has been a tireless caregiver, loving wife (and our good friend), and Milton’s passing was just shy of their 50th anniversary … So sorry you guys could not celebrate that milestone together !
    Love, condolences, and peaceful closure.

  55. We are both so honoured to have met and shared music with Milton. The world is a lesser with his passing.

  56. Ron Kellett says:

    Milton, you always said ” it’s a God thing”.
    And “He” put you in the path of many who’s lives were to benefit from the experience.
    God bless you.

  57. Bill Mason says:

    God Bless you Milton, one of a kind “beautiful man!”. Blessings to Ruby and Family. As a tribute to you Milton, I will try to “not listen to me!”

  58. Milton was one of the kindest and most generous people we’ve ever known. Always a force.

    We went to L.A. years ago and were standing in line for the Pacific Group. Someone asked us where we from and when we told them “Vancouver, B.C. Canada” they replied with, “Oh, do you now Milton M.?” Everyone knew him.

    Condolences to Ruby, the rest of his family and everyone else who loved him, and we are many.

  59. Ian MacLeod says:

    I loved Milton. God bless you Ruby.

  60. Bob Watt says:

    Milton was a great freind who never failed to make one feel special when in his company. Whether sitting in the bleachers with him in San Diego at the International or sitting with him while he manned the phones at Vancouver Central office it was obvious that Milton dedicated his life to the service of others and that he was known and loved by many. Condolences to Ruby and the rest of the family. Our prayers are with you.

  61. Paulo Figueiredo says:

    I always enjoy for so many years to be around Milton and Ruby to me they were just like family both always were so kind to me. I will miss Milton .My love and prayers to Ruby and the family
    I would like to say that:

    Now Milton is another star in the sky looking upon all of us.

  62. Terence (Eh Eh Rebel) Walker says:

    Milton, My fellow round up junkie. I shall see You again at the Big Round Up,, R.I.P. My friend.
    All My Love to Ruby and Family.

  63. Don Babb says:

    Milton was a joy to be around. I still remember Ruby and Milton when they visited on Maui. He carried a great message to us all and he enjoyed life to the fullest. And now he is at the ‘Big Meeting’ along with so many other friends. My love and prayers to Ruby and the family.

  64. Inde & Gail Indridson says:

    We were so sorry to hear from Joe that Milton gone to be with the singing angels. He will be missed by all who knew him and loved him. He was such an inspiration to so many people and changed their lives with just being there for them. Our love to Ruby and the family, may the memories give you comfort.
    Love Inde & Gail

  65. Suzanne says:

    One night at a meeting when I was ‘brand new’…. I was ‘blue carded’, centered out and told I wasn’t welcome, because I used the wrong language… I was truly mortified. I was looking for an excuse to run. Milton came up to me, I did not know him at all. He took my hand, and said he was grateful I was there and to ‘take no bother of that old fool’…. It may not sound like much to some, but he might just have saved my life that day because he cared. Thank you Milton. xo

  66. LaVonne Babb Reiter says:

    I remember Milton for his sense of humor and wonderful singing voice. The most fun in Maui when Ruby & Milton celebrated their 25th with us. We had such a great time. Everyone loved Milton and he will be missed greatly. Now you are at peace..

  67. Cliff Keith says:

    Milton was a man of love, spirit, integrity, honor, compassion, understanding, happiness, power, and respect. He now sings his hymns in the front row with other angles. Rest In Peace Milton.

  68. Jennifer sanders says:

    There are very few people amongst us that we can call angels- not because they’re perfect by any means, but because of their ability to accept and overcome their imperfections and then be able to pay it forward, to as many people as they can, with such sincerity, humility and love . These angels probably have no idea as to how far their reach is and how many they truely touched…
    I remember your caring candor and warmth the first time i met you and your humour and consistency the handful of times we crossed paths sgain over the years. You were such a constant in my husbands life that i can really only say 4 words – I’m grateful for you.
    RIP Milton, you are loved so very much by so very many and will be greatly missed. Our prayers to your friends and family on this sad occasion…xxoo Jen sanders and family

  69. Francois says:

    Milton thank you for helping me early on and showing me the way. It was a honor to be a member of the same group.

  70. Terry Moerler says:

    Milton was a wonderful man. I always remember him singing at the end of the By Referral Only Main Event. I just loved listening to him. He will be missed, but the angels are happy to see him.

  71. Anson Tse says:

    R.I.P. Milton! You will be remembered for the great person you were always striving to bring out in others!

  72. Right on Ron says:

    One of my BEST FRIENDS, One of my BEST SPONSORS, One of the leaders who we all know & loved passed away this morning :( MILTON you gave sooo much to me & sooo many others with only LOVE & KINDNESS from your HEART to mine :( TODAY IS A SAD DAY. I LOVE YOU MILTON and sending prayers to Ruby and the rest of the family and all your friends and of course to Tian who we have been walking together all these years. You will be missed & loved forever and will always be in our HEARTS Milton GOD BLESS.

    Tian your Uncle Milton gave me many things over the 20 years I knew him but the biggest gift ever was he gave me a friend like you. I love you Tian and your friend always Right on Ron ♥

    To Ruby! I will always love you & see you as family and THANK YOU for the LOVE you gave to Milton over all these years as well as all of us. You are truly an ANGEL Ruby in all our lives too.

    Milton I am going to miss you & you will always be in my heart and thank you for the love, friendship, guidance to me and my kids and soooo many others.

    Love always
    Right on Ron Adam Tiffany

  73. Jim McQuaig says:

    Milton was a wonder man. As Paul said…”to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” I am so happy he is home with his Lord and his race is over…he truly ran the good race and I’m honored to have know him.

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